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Colour can say a lot about a person. It can also say a lot about your home. Bright and bubbly, dark and exciting, or cool and mysterious? Our Wickes paint range allows you to bring out your personality through your paint choices.

Some people like to set a consistent mood throughout the house using multiple shades of one colour. Others prefer each room to have its own individual style.

Browse our paint brochure to find your perfect shade.


Shades of white

If you thought white was a single colour, think again. Each of these whites has its own unique tone and personality, from fresh and bright to warm and comforting. Whether modern or traditional, there’s a shade for every home.

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Greys & blacks

We all know that greys come in many shades, but do you realise how adaptable they are? Blacks and darker greys can create a stunning, standout backdrop to lighter greys and whites. Add houseplants for a pop of colour.

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Our cream palette ranges from magnolia to subtle stone, giving you a choice of tones as well as lighter and darker shades. Whether your home’s modern or traditional, you can count on cream to show off its best features.

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This soft colour palette has been inspired by nature, giving you a range of neutral tones that sit comfortably side by side. Complete the look with natural textiles and white or cream detailing.

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Uplifting, fresh and optimistic, this palette can be both subtle and striking. Try a bold feature wall for a strong statement or use the softer pastels for a gentler mood. Complete your look by incorporating soft furnishings in different tones.

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Pink is a confident colour which adds a touch of decadence to any room. This palette ranges from dusky pink to a light blush, so you can decide how far you want to go. Pair with greys, gold and whites to complement the palette.

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Purple is such an adaptable colour, ranging from pale mauve through to bold plum. Use darker shades to add a powerful punch or create a gentle, relaxing mood with lighter tones.

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We’ve taken inspiration from nature in creating this broad palette of greens. Whether you go for light or dark, subtle or bold, pair with browns, creams and golds.

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Blue is the colour of the moment thanks to its versatility. Our palette includes dramatic darks as well as tranquil pastels. As in nature, you’ll find beautiful undertones of green and grey tying each of these colours together.

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