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Rate & review our DIY and home improvement products - and share your thoughts with others... Buy with confidence Write a review in 3 easy stages How to write a great review What not to include




Laminate Flooring Oak Effect

"Beautiful warm colour… impossible to scratch."


Loft Ladder

"Excellent product. Really well built, solid and durable."


Ceramic Sink

"Very pleased with the style. Easy to keep clean."



Write a review in 3 easy stages

It's simple to rate and review a Wickes product, and share your thoughts with your fellow customers.



1. Click

the link on the product description.


2. Sign in

or create a new Wickes account.


3. Rate

the product and write a review.

How to write a great review

- Try and make your review both informative and detailed.
- Did you like or dislike the product? Say why.
- Review the product itself, and not other issues such as delivery or availability.
- Finally, imagine that you are an interested customer. What key facts would convince you to purchase the item?



What not to include

We moderate all reviews before publishing them. To save you valuable time and effort, please note that we cannot post:

- Content not specific to the item being reviewed.
- Content that focuses on non-product issues, e.g. delivery, packaging or availability.
- Content that contains derogatory comments directed towards other reviewers.
- Content that will infringe upon the material, trademarks or intellectual property (e.g. copyright, trademark, privacy or trade secrets) of others.
- Content that contains information on other companies e.g. product availability, pricing or ordering.
- Content that might be considered sexually gratuitous, profane, unlawful, defamatory, libellous, abusive, incendiary, racially or sexually offensive, or obscene.
- Content that impersonates someone else.
- Spamming or advertising.
- Personal information about anyone (including yourself), e.g. phone numbers, postal addresses or credit card numbers.



Wickes reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any customer review it considers inappropriate.

Customer comments and reviews are an integral part of our website, and something we value a great deal. We hope to read your review shortly!