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The way we live is changing and our homes need to reflect that. These days our houses are becoming multi-generational spaces, and with more people comes more stuff, so there’s also an increased need for storage solutions. Here are a few home renovation trends that we expect to see in 2024.

All in the family

As the housing market has become more and more difficult to navigate and the need for housing has reached critical levels in cities, multigenerational living has started to become the norm. People are moving back in with their parents or having their parents move in with them, so using space efficiently has never been so important. As a result of this, we expect to see home layouts altered by adding additional entrances, upgrading basements to create a second kitchen, and closing off open plan spaces to allow for some extra privacy.

Privacy is key

Speaking of privacy, having more people under one roof can mean your house no longer feels like a sanctuary away from the busy outside world. The boom in renting and shared living can also result in people feeling like they never get a chance to escape. With 33% of people agreeing that privacy is one of the most important things for feeling content and at ease, this is something that we think people will focus on when renovating. Whether building walls and adding room dividers to open plan living spaces or creating a little reading nook in a quiet corner, this is something that is sure to lead the way when it comes to home renovations in 2024.

Using space efficiently

A recent study from Cambridge University found that the UK has the smallest homes by floorspace of any European country, so now is the time when people will want to find ways to make their home as space efficient as possible. Not everyone will have the time or means to add extensions or build a separate summer house in their garden, so we expect that a lot of people will want to get the most out of the space they already have. We expect that clever space-saving furniture may take the spotlight here, such as extendable tables, sofa beds, and modular shelving. These sorts of items are perfect for small spaces, especially if you want to achieve a minimalist clutter-free environment.


When trying to use your space effectively, versatile storage options will be especially important. In 2024, people will be looking to find the most cost-effective and space-saving solutions to hide away all their knick-knacks and essentials, so they’ve got more room to breathe in their own home. This could come in the form of installing new kitchen cupboards above appliances, creating built-in shelves in an unused nook, or even creating a mud room with hooks and boxes for coats and shoes.