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Trained life coach, grief counsellor and Wickes Wellbeing Ambassador, Jeff Brazier, shares his hints and tips around wellness and Mental Health. Having spent a number of years working with people and communities, Jeff shares a series of coaching content to help support people's wellbeing.

Band of Builders, the national charity for tradespeople, has found that UK construction sector workers are nearly three times as likely to take their own life than their counterparts in other industries; the suicide rate of UK construction workers is estimated to be as high as two people every day.  They also estimate that 90% of construction managers have struggled with their mental health.


If you’re feeling stress at work, or even in your everyday life, Jeff has the following suggestions:

  • Be kind to yourself; if you can’t be positive, be neutral. One problem can multiply by spiralling and being negative with your thoughts. Don’t hammer yourself for failure over one problem.
  • Stress doesn't have to derail good habits, unless we give it the power to. Don’t forget the basics: eat well, exercise and get some fresh air. These things will keep you on track  
  • Don’t deny or avoid the stress. We can pinpoint the source by having a conversation with someone, or if this isn’t possible, write it in a journal. Writing your thoughts can be very helpful when approaching problems.
  • Do it your way. Find three values you hold very dear and make sure these values are inherent in the approach you take to solve the issue. 
  • Slow down and take a break. If your mind is going crazy, take a break to think instead of acting impulsively.

  • Think about what you can give, rather than what you want to receive. If you feel like the stress is because you're lacking something, think about what you can give.
  • Question whether there is any responsibility you can take. Ask yourself, did I contribute to this problem? Can I communicate this? Is there anything I can change to get the desired outcome
  • Have the courage to be vulnerable. A lot of problems can occur due to miscommunication, people aren’t going to know your issues/problems/stress without communicating. You will feel lighter once you communicate. Be brave; people aren’t mind readers. 
  • Cut out the triggers. Whether that’s alcohol, social media, drugs, or toxic people, vices take you towards the stress you’re experiencing. If you can’t cut it out entirely, reduce it.