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Between November and February, there are specific jobs that tend to be more in demand than others. This can vary based on factors such as seasonal changes, weather conditions and holidays. Here are some common trade jobs that are likely to be required over the winter period.


Many experts will agree that winter is the best time to renovate your bathroom. The winter months can mean lower trade costs and with new products often released towards the end of the year, you can get the latest trends at a lower cost for your remodel. Currently, 74% of Brits are looking to upgrade their shower during a bathroom renovation, with 68% wanting to increase the shower enclosure size. When taking on a bathroom renovation, inform your customer of the types of showers available, with shower-bath combos at 29%, low curb showers at 28% and corner showers at 24% in terms of popularity.

Loft spaces

The conversion of loft spaces into usable rooms is quickly on the rise. Working from home has, for many, necessitated the requirement for a suitable office space at home. Lofts are an excellent space to convert into an extra room as they’re generally unused. With customers willing to spend on average £23,000 on a loft conversion, you should guide them on the best options for accessibility, structural integrity, utilities, insulation etc. Careful planning is required for any loft conversion and you should make sure to explain the regulations and costs clearly to the customer before starting.

Kitchen remodelling

In the realm of kitchen renovations, a paradigm shift is underway, and as tradespeople, we are at the forefront of this culinary evolution. Recent statistics reveal a fascinating trend: 20% of individuals aged 25-44 are choosing to linger in the kitchen, not for the sake of cooking, but for the immersive experience it now offers. Millennials are reshaping kitchen dynamics by spending more time socialising and engaging in various activities rather than solely focusing on cooking. As tradespeople, we recognise the need to create spaces that facilitate these diverse interactions. 

Different worktop heights are not just ergonomic considerations; they are reflections of how the kitchen adapts to the needs of its users. Lowered breakfast bars and multi-functional surfaces that double as desks are key features, seamlessly blending work and leisure within the heart of the home.

Larder cupboards are emerging as a popular choice among millennials, serving as a solution to combat kitchen clutter. As tradespeople, we understand the importance of designing spaces that not only look appealing but also contribute to a clutter-free and organised environment.

Gutter cleaning & repair

Falling leaves and heavy rain can make their way into gutters, causing them to easily block up. Clearing gutters is a common job during this time as it involves working from heights to prevent issues such as ice dams, water damage and structural problems. Be sure to inform your customer that regular gutter maintenance is a proactive method to avoid more expensive repairs down the line. Be sure to inspect downspouts, check they are clear and that they are diverting water away from the foundation. If there is no protection from debris, suggest using gutter guards to help avoid issues later, as these help prevent any build up over the course of the year.