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Marshalls Blue Perforated Engineering Brick - 215 x
Engineering Bricks are durable, high strength bricks, specially manufactured to accommodate high loads and cope with exposure to aggressive ground conditions. They can also be used to build garden & boundry walls due to their asthetical qualities and characteristics.Read more
Marshalls Flecked Vibrant Buff Langston Gold Perforated Facing
A natural and earthy warm buff brick, with a hint of black flecking. Looks great when used with our Marwick Blue or blue engineering bricks to create that perfect balance of traditional & contemporary.Read more
Marshalls Orange/Brown Amberley Corn Perforated Facing Brick -
Amberley Corn is the perfect brick for creating a contemporary, yet somehow traditional look. The vibrant, warm buff and orange tones are complemented by a subtle texture, giving depth of colour and a rich, rustic feel, perfect for adding character ...Read more
Marshalls Orange/Brown Hazley Heath Perforated Facing Brick -
This beautiful mid brown brick with undertones of orange and a subtle dash of black creates impressive external facades, garden walls and extentions whilst maintaining unprecidented carbon effciencies and dimensional accuracy.Read more