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Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix - 5L
Everbuild Mortar Admix is an air entraining liquid plasticising admixture which forms extremely stable air bubbles in mortar mixes. The admix improves workability and freeze/thaw resistance in brick laying mortars, reduces the need for lime and smoothes out variations between ...Read more
Marshalls Drivesett Deco Textured Driveway Block Paving Pack
Marshalls Drivesett Deco is a Victorian style pathway/edging block paving product. The distressed look can add a stylish path to any type of home. Each block has a grooved edge to ensure even course width.Read more
Marshalls Orange/Brown Hazley Heath Perforated Facing Brick -
This beautiful mid brown brick with undertones of orange and a subtle dash of black creates impressive external facades, garden walls and extentions whilst maintaining unprecidented carbon effciencies and dimensional accuracy.Read more
Marshalls Red/Black Portmore Claret Perforated Facing Brick -
An alternative to the classic red brick, Portmore Claret is the perfect blend of red and black, which provides a certain warmth and charm and lots of kerb appeal and looks great with our Autumn bronze multi paving stone.Read more