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Marshalls Red / Black Portmore Claret Perforated Facing
An alternative to the classic red brick, portmore claret is the perfect blend of red and black, which provides a certain warmth and charm and lots of kerb appeal and looks great with our autumn bronze multi paving stone.Read more
Sika Accelerator Rapid Hardening Admixture - 5L
Sika Accelerator is a cold weather and rapid hardening admixture for mortars, screeds and renders. Provides frost protection in the wet mortar during the setting period even in sub-zero temperatures, as well as allowing faster finishing times in the cold ...Read more
Sika Mix Plus Mortar Plasticiser Admixture - 5L
Sika Mix Plus is a general purpose liquid mortar plasticiser that improves brick and blockwork mortars by reducing water demand, increases strength and improves the frost resistance of hardened mortars while also reducing efflorescence.Read more
Sika Proof Liquid Waterproofing Admixture - 5L
Sika Proof Liquid Waterproofing Admixture for mortars and concretes. Improve permeability and absorption characteristic which is ideal for use on swimming pools, water tanks, ponds, below ground concrete and more. This admixture can also be used for renders and floor ...Read more