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IG LTD 50-70mm Steel Cavity Wall Lintel
This steel cavity wall lintel features an enhanced rigidity that minimises the necessity for additional propping, streamlining the installation process. Designed to optimise both performance and ease of use, this lintel delivers superior strength and reliability.Read more
IG LTD Angle Section Lintel L10
This angle section lintel boasts strength and durability. Suitable for supporting the outer leaf of a cavity wall construction.Read more
IG LTD Standard Lintel Box
This standard lintel box is designed for optimal performance by allowing for immediate full loading right after installation. Maximise productivity with this easy to install lintel,Read more
IG Ltd Internal Steel Lintel - 1200mm
This internal steel lintel ensures a long lasting and robust solution for your internal structural needs. Designed to support concrete floor loads, masonry loads, timber floor joists and roof trusses.Read more