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Active Products Access Panel 300 X 300mm
AP picture frame access panels are a standard plastic access panel that provide access to electrical services where jointless plasterboard is used. It is cost effective and can be used in suspended ceiling applications where necessary and is intended for ...Read more
Knauf Easy Plaster - 2.5L
Knauf Easy Plaster is a ready-mixed, lightweight patching plaster specially designed for small to large repairs to cracks in walls and ceilings. It will not shrink or crack and is ideal for filling holes up to 40mm deep with a ...Read more
Knauf Plasterboard Square Edge - 12.5mm x 1.2m
Knauf Wallboard is plasterboard with an ivory paper face ideally suited to receive a plaster finish or for direct decoration (Plasterboard sealer is required prior to direct decoration with a painted finish). For best performance, use in conjunction with Knauf ...Read more
Knauf Proroll Max Plaster - 13.5kg
Knauf ProRoll Max is a roller applied plaster to level the surface of existing walls and ceilings. Ideal for covering up textured backgrounds, such as artex. Use with a medium pile roller to simply roll the plaster on to the ...Read more