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Composite Doors
Our composite front doors are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester). These doors don’t warp, shrink, dent or rust, making them a popular choice for the family home.
uPVC Doors
uPVC Doors are great low-maintenance & long life products. We have glazed, panelled and side-light designs to choose from.
External Timber Doors
Our External Timber doors are constructed from a selection of natural softwoods and sturdy hardwoods. We have a range of contemporary and traditional styles with glazed and ledged & braced options.
Door Handles
From on-trend matt black designs to traditional antique brass latch handles, browse our wide range of door handles to find the look you need for all the doors in your home.
Doorbells & Chimes
Always be ready to welcome visitors to your home with our great range of wireless and wired doorbells. They’re easy to install and feature portable chimes which you can place in any room.
Numerals & Door Accessories
Spruce up your front door, or your interior doors, with our wide range of door accessories, including door knockers, letterboxes, door stops, and smart brass or silver door numbers too.


How do you choose a front door colour?

Choose a colour that complements the exterior palette, architectural style and your personal taste. Consider factors like the surrounding landscape and desired curb appeal. Use paint tester pots before committing and opt for durable, weather-resistant finishes.

Do I need to varnish an external door?

Varnishing an external timber door helps protect it from weathering, moisture and UV damage, extending its lifespan. Varnish forms a protective layer, enhancing durability and maintaining the door's appearance. Alternatively, choose a composite or uPVC door which doesn’t require varnishing.

What type of door is best for external use?

For external use, choose doors made of materials like uPVC, steel, or solid wood with proper sealing. These materials offer durability, weather resistance, security, and insulation, making them suitable for exterior conditions and providing long-lasting performance.