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Indoor Switches
Wickes indoor switches range between dimmer switches to multi-light switches and available in a variety of different finishes to suit the decor of your home.
Indoor Sockets
Our extensive range of sockets range from white USB sockets to more decorative options that are offered in a variety of metallic finishes. 
Dimmer Switches
Adjust the brightness in your home with one of our light dimmer switches. Our range boasts a multitude of designs and finishes to suit your home, From plane white dimmer switches to  traditional or contemporary looks.
Smart Switches & Sockets
Our range of smart switches and sockets allow quick access for those hard to reach areas and gives total control of your homes power whilst remote.
USB Sockets
Make charging your devices easy with our range of USB Sockets. Use the sockets and USB ports simultaneously for added convenience with appliances around the house.
Cooker Control Switches
Isolate your appliances with one of our cooker switches. These are available with or without a neon light and in varying styles and finishes, to suit the decor of your kitchen.
Pattresses, Back Boxes & Blanking Plates
Protect your exposed sockets or mount your new ones with our range of pattresses, knockout back boxes and blanking plates.
Plugs, Fuses & Adapters
Don?t get caught short - stock up on our range of plugs, fuses and adapters. You never know when you?ll need a replacement for your electrical appliances and devices.
Electrical Screws
Electrical screws are ideal for fitting switches and sockets in your home. The clever design provides an extra strong fix that will not work loose.
Outdoor Switches & Sockets
Weatherproof switches and sockets for use in your garden and other outdoor areas. 

Fitted bathroom furniture is a perfect way to make your house a home. Choose bathroom cabinets that slot perfectly into the space you have available, creating a high-quality, seamless finish you’ll love for years to come.

Our fitted bathroom furniture is available in a range of beautiful designs. So whether you’re planning a family bathroom renovation or looking to spruce up your guest en suite, you can find a fitted style that suits your home.

Explore built-in bathroom units with clean lines and minimalist, modern finishes. Whether you choose a white or wooden option, your fitted bathroom furniture is sure to look fantastic in its space. We have lots to suit the smallest to the most enormous bathrooms. Browse this collection and find the fitted bathroom cabinets that are best for you.