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Vertical Radiators
Keep your space warm without sacrificing on style with our range of vertical designer radiators. Ideal for saving on wall space in living rooms, offices and kitchens.
Column Radiators
Column radiators are the ideal way to heat your space whilst keeping to a classic design. Complimenting both contemporary and traditional decor within your home.
Flat Panel Radiators
Flat panel radiators are a modern take on a classic column style. Great for heating and saving on space in traditional and contemporary homes.
Glass Radiators

Frameless Glass Radiators use infra-red technology to produce a healthier energy-efficient heat. Its slim design incorporates an innovative water proof, touch screen control (Electric version only) with built in sensors that control an even heat output to maintain the room temperature. Available in 3 finishes for both Electric and Central Heating Water Systems.

Aluminium Radiators
These radiators efficiently heat spaces while adding a contemporary touch. With lightweight construction and excellent heat conductivity, they're a smart choice for energy-saving. Explore our aluminium radiator collection to elevate your heating system with style.
Horizontal Radiators
These radiators efficiently warm your space while offering a sleek and low-profile aesthetic. With various sizes and finishes available, you can find the ideal horizontal radiator to enhance both your heating efficiency and interior decor.

Designer radiators are both practical and attractive, and there’s a choice to fit in with any home décor. When you shop designer radiators from Wickes, choose from various colours and styles to suit your taste and space.

Enjoy the benefits of a well-heated home and a stylish modern radiator when you shop the collection here. Our designer radiators include vertical options, which keep your rooms warm without taking up lots of wall space. You’ll also find classic column radiators, which fit seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary homes.

More of our statement radiators include glass radiators, which use infrared technology to generate heat. These seamless options are stylish, slimline, and suitable for the environmentally conscious. Or choose a flat panel radiator built using flat panels instead of a raised washboard effect.