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Dryrod DPC Kit Large Room - 24 Linear
Dryrod is the next generation of rising damp treatment developed by Safeguard Europe Ltd. The 12mm diameter DIY damp proofing rods carry a powerful water repellent material, which cures to form a barrier to rising damp. Once they are inserted, ...Read more
Dryzone 310ml DPC Kit Large Room - 24
The Original Damp Proofing Cream, Dryzone is an alternative to traditional, messy damp treatment methods that use liquid injection. It's effective on a wide range of substrates and proven to work even in highly saturated walls (95% saturation). The specially ...Read more
Masterplug 13A Heavy Duty Plug - White
This industrial grade rewireable heavy duty plug is fitted with a 13A fuse. Made to the highest standard, with impact resistance, strain relief and sleeved pins, this white moulded plug is ideal for use with power tools, portable lighting and ...Read more
Masterplug 3 Pin Non-Reversible Connector - Black 10A
A three pin, plug and socket non-reversible connection block. Simply designed and easy to use, this product is ideal for outdoor power tools and portable lighting.Read more