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Geocel Painters Mate Flexible Filler - White -
Geocel Painters Mate is a highly flexible filler for use on internal and external surfaces including skirting boards, doors, window frames, floorboards, ceilings, walls and plasterboard. It resists cracking, there is no sanding required and can be overpainted approximately 1 ...Read more
Gyproc EasiFill Powder Filler 5 x 1kg
Gyproc EasiFill 5x1 is a premium multi-purpose powder filler, ideal for most general internal wall & ceiling repairs or small snagging jobs. Each re-sealable box contains 5 individual 1kg sachets for speed and convenience, and a working time of 45 ...Read more
Soudal Genius Gun Gap Filler - 500ml
Soudal Genius Gun Gap Filler 500ml, is ideal for general gap filling and insulation of holes, voids, gaps and joints of most construction applications. The product can be used around windows and doors along with insulation of pipes.Read more
Toupret Interior Powder Filler - 2kg
TOUPRET Interior Filler is a one coat powder filler and can be filled to any depth. With no need to spot prime, it's easy to sand and won't shrink, slump or show through paintwork. Suitable for internal use and sets ...Read more