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Fischer Duopower Nylon Wall Plug - Mixed Pack
This mixed pack of nylon wall plugs includes the following sizes: 6 x 30mm, 8 x 40mm and 10 x 50mm. With a combination of two material components for top load values and intelligent functioning depending on the substrate, these ...Read more
Fischer Duotec Toggle Cavity Fixings - Pack of
The Fischer DuoTec for high tensile and transverse loads through 2 components. Easy installation with small drill hole diameters of 10mm and short toggle element, even in narrow and insulated cavities. Easy pre-installation; the plug does not fall into the ...Read more
Fischer Universal Wall Plugs - 6 x 35mm
The Fischer universal fixing UX is a plastic fixing made of high-quality nylon. The Fischer universal fixing expands in solid building materials and knots in hollow building materials for maximum hold. For this reason the Fischer UX is always the ...Read more
Wickes 35mm Nailable Plugs - Pack of 25
Knauf Nailable Plugs are hammer in fixings suitable for fixing Knauf Insulating Laminates, Knauf U channels, timber studs and bearers to masonry.Read more