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Our expansive range of fixings will help you complete your project.

Wickes cavity fixings boast expanding arms that spread out behind plasterboard and press against the surface causing a stronger fix.
Our Frame Screws are suitable for concrete, stone, brickwork and blockwork. They are ideal for securing formwork or door & window frames.
Our Wickes Worktop Jointing Bolts will join up to 4 worktops
Our Sanitary Fixings are suitable for installing ceramics cisterns and bathroom ware
Packers are the simple solution for easy levelling of battens, studding and window and door frames, providing a quick, strong and secure fixing.
Our Wickes Sleeve Anchors are suitable for most brick, block and concrete
Our Resin Cartridges and accessories are high performance products suitable for concrete, stone, brickwork, blockwork & overhead applications.
Wickes metal self drill plasterboard fixings provide the easiest way to fix to plasterboard
Finish off your project with the essential fixings.
We have a range of Toggles that are suitable for plasterboard and other materials, and can be used for wall, ceiling & floor projects.
Wickes plasterboard plugs and fixings are ideal for use in all types of hollow board materials.
Our Wickes Wallbolts are suitable for heavy weight fixings in concrete or brick
We have a wide range of Bolts & Threaded Rods for use in most construction jobs and materials including concrete, brickwork and stone.