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Broadfix Flat Packer 300 Piece Mixed Tub
Contains 300 Broadfix Flat Packers sized 100 x 28mm, in a useful mix of six thicknesses: 50 each of 1mm green, 2mm black, 3mm white, 4mm grey, 5mm blue and 6mm red.Read more
Broadfix U Shim 300 Piece Mixed Tub
Contains 300 Broadfix U Shims in a useful mix of sizes and thicknesses: 210 x Small U Shims (size 55 x 43mm; 60 x 1mm yellow, 60 x 3mm blue, 60 x 5mm brown, 30 x 6mm black) and 90 ...Read more
STS 30mm Screws and Stainless Steel Washers –
Rectangular stainless steel washer with a 30mm screw, forms part of the installation system for STS 10mm Professional Tile Backer Boards.Read more
Wickes Carriage Bolt Nut & Washer - M10
Carriage Bolts Are An Ideal Structural Fixing For Timber Joists And Beams.Read more