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BP Fischer FWB - M10 x 60mm P
Ideal heavy duty fixing for roller shutter doors, fire doors, steelwork, security grills, machinery, pipework-duct work supports.Read more
Broadfix Assorted Glazing Flat Packers - Pack of
Mixed bag of Broadfix Flat Shims (100x28mm), sometimes called Glazing Packers or Flat Packers, 120 pcs total in a useful mix of various thicknesses.Read more
Broadfix Assorted U Packers - Pack of 150
This bags contains Broadfix Small U Shims (55x43mm) and Broadfix Standard U Shims (101x43mm), 150 pieces in total, in a useful selection of different thicknesses.Read more
Fischer Duopower High Performance Nylon Wall Plug -
Fischer duopower universal high performance nylon wall plugs are made from 2 component materials which provide better load capacities in both solid and hollow building materials. These wallplugs come in a stackable, reusable or recyclable box.Read more