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HG Glass & Mirror Spray - 500ml
HG glass & mirror spray removes grease and dirt from glass and mirrors quickly and easily. The glass cleaner dries without leaving streaks. The spray removes all fingerprints and insects inside and outside. The product is suitable for all types ...Read more
HG Multi Cleaner Interior Spray - 500ml
Easily removes dirt, grease, fingerprints, rings and many other stains and grime from all kinds of surfaces. Our interior spray is also suitable for synthetics, Formica, MDF, lacquer and other waterproof surfaces and it gives streak-free results.Read more
HG Quick Descaler - 500ml
HG quick descaler for coffee machines, kettles and washing machines removes scale and limescale in hot-water equipment, including coffee machines, electric kettles or washing machines. Our descaler removes scale and limescale effectively and is absolutely safe for the equipment.Read more
KilrockPRO Limescale & Rust Remover - 750ml
KilrockPRO Limescale & Rust Remover professional strength formula effortlessly dissolves surface limescale & rust stains. Effective on shower surrounds, baths, water drip stains, taps & fittings, tiles, shower heads & much more...Read more