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Cleaning Fluids
Keep your home and workplace clean with our wide range of cleaning products, suitable for both indoors and outdoors. For quick, easy, and safe cleaning, shop our range now.
Cleaning Tools
Browse through a wide range of our robust and reliable cleaning tools, from brushes and brooms through to buckets and dustpans. Available in durable plastic or metal, you can keep mess to a minimum in your home and garden.
Cloths, Wipes & Rolls
Microfibre cloths, paper towels, disinfectant wipes – we use them every day at home and at work. From a glass of water that’s been knocked over, to more heavy-duty spillages, browse our range now to find the right solution to suit your needs.
White Spirits
White spirit is a classic part of any painting and decorating kit. Use it to clean hardened paint from brushes and other tools. Or it can be used as paint thinner, for both better coverage and use in paint sprayers.
Limescale, Mould & Grout Cleaning
It’s often the little details that count, and keeping your taps, shower and grouting clean means your kitchen and bathroom looks great all the time. Browse our range now to keep stains, mould, and mildew at bay.
Car & Window Cleaning
Cleaning your windows or your car is often a chore. But with our range of cleaning products from trusted brands, we make it easy. Get rid of dirt and grime and take pride in achieving streak-free windows or a sparkling clean car.
Drain Unblocker
With our range of powerful and effective drain unblockers, you can keep your pipework free from germs, blockages and bad odours that can build up over time. They’re equally effective in the kitchen or bathroom, or on outdoor drains.
Hand Cleaners
Keep your hands clean and refreshed with these tough but gentle hand sanitisers. Whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go, you can easily remove oil, grease and grime, and protect your hands at the same time. Shop our range now.
Vacuum Cleaners
Whether you want the versatility of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or the convenience of a cordless vacuum cleaner, our range offers high-performance models from trusted brands, so you get great results every time.
Pesticides & Pest Control
Keep your garden clear of bugs and pests with our range of Pesticides & Bug Killers including ant powder and mouse traps.
Garden Tidy
Keep your garden and paths tidy and free of unwanted debris with our brooms, refuse sacks and trolleys.
Pressure Washers & Jet Washers
Our Pressure Washers & Accessories do a great job of cleaning paths and can transform the look of your garden.