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HG Bath Shine Concentrated Cleaning Fluid - 500ml
Restores the shine to washbasins, bathtubs, toilet pans, taps and tiles. The sanitary cleaner has a fresh fragrance and removes bath oil marks, soap residues, skin grease and light limescale. Our sanitary cleaner does not streak and regular use prevents ...Read more
KilrockPRO Carpet & Textile Cleaner - 750ml
KilrockPRO Carpet & Textile Cleaner enzyme-based formula actively breaks down organic matter, removing stubborn stains at source. The pH-neutral formulation is safe on fabrics and upholstery. Removes tough stains including food, wine, tobacco, tea & coffee, blood, grass, heavy soiling ...Read more
KilrockPRO Citrus Blast Air Freshener - 600ml
KilrockPRO Citrus Blast powerful professional Air Freshener instantly eliminates unpleasant odours. 3x stronger than traditional airfresheners, bad smells don't stand a chance. Extremely concentrated citrus scent banishes bad odours in large areas.Read more
KilrockPRO Outdoor Furniture Cleaner - 1L
KilrockPRO Outdoor Furniture Cleaner highly concentrated foaming formula rejuvinates garden furniture & play equipment. Easy to use, just apply, wipe and rinse. For effective removal of heavy Mould and Algae staining, apply and leave to dry before rinsing. Super powerful ...Read more