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KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Sealer - 5L
KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Sealer is a tough, durable, protective sealer for weatherproofing & shielding outdoor surfaces against dirt, oil, grease & weeds. Quick drying formula ideal for use on block paving, pathways, patio areas & brickwork.Read more
KilrockPRO Sealant & Adhesive Remover - 600ml
KilrockPRO Sealant & Adhesive Remover powerful versatile gel formula helps remove cured silicone, sealant, mastic & virtually any sticky adhesive residue. Phonemenal results on adhesive, chewing gum, tar, oil, wax, sealant & grease removal. Effective on tiles, worktops, glass, plastic, ...Read more
Paint Panther Paint & Varnish Remover - 500ml
A highly effective paint stripper to remove many types of coatings including most metal/Hammer type paints. Gel consistency ideal for vertical and other less accessible areas to be treated. Read all instructions and safety information before opening this container and ...Read more