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Bosch Professional GAS 18 V-1 Cordless Dry Vacuum
The Bosch GAS 18V-1 Professional Dry Extractor is particularly suitable for rapid final cleaning and for short applications. It generates two rotational airflows which prevents any clogging, this extracts the dust in two stages: The first stage filters coarse dust ...Read more
KilrockPRO Mould & Mildew Remover - 750ml
KilrockPRO Mould & Mildew Remover instantly destroys all mould in damp places, inside & out. Trade strength formula effortlessly eliminates mould from sealant, tiles, plaster, fibreglass, grout, and areas with poor air circulation & ventilation.Read more
KilrockPRO Multi-Purpose Descaler - 1L
KilrockPRO Multi-Purpose Descaler 'Original' unique performance that powerfully & quickly dissolves heavy limescale stains from virtually any surface. Ideal for shower heads, bath stains, taps, shower heads, shower surrounds, toilets and appliances such as kettles, coffee makers, steam irons, much ...Read more
KilrockPRO Outdoor Furniture Cleaner - 1L
KilrockPRO Outdoor Furniture Cleaner highly concentrated foaming formula rejuvinates garden furniture & play equipment. Easy to use, just apply, wipe and rinse. For effective removal of heavy Mould and Algae staining, apply and leave to dry before rinsing. Super powerful ...Read more