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Table Saws
Table and Bench Saws are a great tool for precise cuts in woodworking. Table saws use a fixed blade that allows the material to easily move into the cut.  
Mitre Saws
A mitre saw is the ideal tool to cut angles into a variety of materials, most commonly used for woodworking. Using a pivot feature, you can measure and cut angles as well as bevelled edges. Great for both commercial and domestic use, allowing you to cut materials. 
Reciprocating Saws
Reciprocating Saws are the ideal tool to cut through materials quickly and efficiently. Great for heavy duty projects, Reciprocating saws aren't ideal for precise cuts but can cut quickly through many materials including wood, plastics, metals and even tiles and stone.
Circular Saws
Circular saws are a quick and accurate tool to cut wooden materials quickly and accurately.  
Jigsaws are a versatile type of saw that allows you to make a variety of cuts including straight, curved and bevelled. Great for cutting through wood, metal, plastic, sheet materials and even tiles.
Power Saw Accessories
To accompany your power saw, ensure you pick up the relevant accessories to ease your DIY project. Shop our range of Cut off Saws, Guide Rails, Extensions and Stations to suit your saw.