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Hand Saws & Blades
We stock a wide range of Hand Saws & Blades of various types and sizes, including hacksaws, bow saws, coping saws and tenon saws.
Wrenches, Pliers and Wire Strippers for the most demanding jobs, including combination spanners, adjustable wrenches and heavy duty pliers.
Claw Hammers & Mallets
We have a comprehensive range of Hammers & Mattocks including club hammers, sledge hammers, claw hammers, mallets, mattocks and rammers.
For plastering and bricklaying jobs we have a range of Stainless Steel Trowels in a variety of shapes and sizes, helping to make your project easier.
Plasterers Hawks
Lightweight and durable plasterer hawk's, an essential item for your plastering project.
Obtain the perfect finish to your plastering project with our wood,sponge and magnesium float.
Screwdrivers, Hex & Allen Keys
Our extensive range of Screwdrivers & Ratchets includes insulated, pozi, ratchet and slotted screwdrivers in various sizes to suit big and small DIY tasks.  
Levels, Measuring & Detecting Tools
Our measuring and levelling tools feature spirit levels, marking out tools and the all important tape measure. Get a professional finish with our laser measuring tools.
Staple Guns & Nail Guns
Nail, Staple & Glue Guns are powerful tools that give you a quick and professional finish time after time. Our range includes cordless nail guns and staple guns.
Spanners, Sockets & Wrenches
Our range of spanners, sockets and wrenches are suitable for the most demanding jobs.
Chisels & Bolsters
We have the Chisels & Bars needed to tackle the most demanding wood and brickwork jobs. The range includes cold chisels, crowbars and wrecking bars.
Files, Planes & Rasps
For professional smoothing and finishing, our Files, Sanders & Planes are just the job. The range includes multi rasps, smoothing planes, hand sanders and file sets.
We have a range of clamps suitable for various projects ranging from Bar clamps to Grip clamps.
Bolt Cutters & Snips
Use Bolt Cutter and snips to cut through stronger materials which are unsuitable for knives.
Stay safe and work efficiently in poor visibility with our range of Torches & Flashlights including rubber, LED & abs torches, and head lamps for hands-free work.
Garden Hand Tools
The Wickes range of Garden Tools will allow you to keep your garden in good order throughout the year.
We stock a wide range of Knives for trimming and cutting with safety in mind, including folding and retractable trimming knives.