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Moulding Bar - 8in / 200mm
Roughneck Sledge Hammer - 8lb

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Roughneck® 11-070 Gorilla V-SERIES Axe 0.6kg/1¼lbs
The Roughneck® Gorilla V-Series Axe offers increased striking power and reduced vibration, Roughneck® Gorilla V-Series axes are manufactured from drop forged, hardened and tempered steel. The unique V-Shock twin beam girder shaft acts as a damper resulting in reduced shock ...Read more
Roughneck® 65-633 Fibreglass Handle Sledge Hammer - 10lbs
The Roughneck® 10lbs sledge hammer is manufactured from drop forged alloy steel hardened and tempered with 8-sided 45 degree chamfered precision milled edges. Industrial grade epoxy for a longer lasting bond. The solid core fibreglass handle with polypropylene cover and ...Read more
Roughneck® Gorilla Steel Block Buster
The Roughneck® Gorilla Block Buster Bolster cuts blocks safely and accurately in one strike. The large striking anvil and a 230mm/9in blade allows blocks to be cut with a single strike, and 100mm blade markings assist when building blockwork corners. ...Read more
Roughneck Demolition & Lifting Bar
The Roughneck demolition and lifting bar saves time and energy, it increases safety, reducing the chance of injury. This is the perfect tool for lifting floorboards, removing ceiling boards, breaking pallets, removing roofing laths, lifting heavy objects and all types ...Read more