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Knauf Gypsum Based Plasterboard Adhesive 25kg
£0.41 per EACH
Knauf Cove Adhesive 5kg
£1.60 per KG
Wickes Ready Mixed Coving Adhesive 6L
£4.17 per L
Wickes Plasterer's Rigid Bucket - 30L
£7.00 per EACH
Tradeline Access Panel 225 x 150mm
£10.40 per EACH
Tradeline Access Panels 300 x 300mm
£21.00 per EACH
Rhino Blue Flexi Tub - 40L
£6.00 per EACH
Active Products Access Panel 300 X 300mm
£21.00 per EACH
Rhino Blue Flexi Tub - 75L
£13.00 per EACH
Wickes Drywall Corner Bead Tape - 50mm x 30m
£0.35 per M
Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme Extra Wide - 100mm x 75m
£9.50 per EACH
Active Products Access Panel 230 X 150mm
£10.40 per EACH
Gyproc FibaTape Xtreme - 48mm x 90m
£6.50 per EACH

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British Gypsum Thistle One Coat Plaster - 12.5kg
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