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Duck Max Strength White Cloth Tape - 48mm
The Duck Max Strength tape is both easy-to-tear and tough enough for all your repair needs. With strong adhesion and holding power to everything from wood, masonry, plastic and glass, it is also great for hanging plastic sheeting, sealing, bundling ...Read more
Electrician's Draw Tape - 15m
Designed for drawing electrical wiring through conduits. Manufactured from oil tempered wire with blackened finish. Housed in convenient rotating plastic storage case with handle. Brake trigger mechanism in handle. The hooked end avoids snagging once the wiring has been attached. ...Read more
FrogTape Multi-Surface Green Masking Tape - 24mm x
FrogTape is treated with exclusive paint block properties. Its super-absorbent polymer absorbs water in latex paints, expanding the tape's edge and creating a micro barrier: the result is very sharp lines.Read more
Kip Washi-Tec Low Tac Masking Tape - 30mm
This very thin tape is made from original Japanese Washi paper which is highly tear resistant and allows for precision application. The low tack adhesion is ideal for delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, newly painted walls, and woodwork. This also ...Read more