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All Tapes
We stock a wide selection of tapes whether it’s for trade or everyday household jobs. If you need tape for binding, sealing, marking or mounting, shop our range now to find the one which suits your needs.
Duct Tape
Sticks firmly to most surfaces. For interior and exterior projects
Masking Tape
Effective protection for a variety of surfaces during painting
Carpet Tape
Adheres to all floor carpet, rug and mat backings. High-tack adhesive for a secure fixing
Packing Tape
An effective all-purpose packaging tape
Electrical Tape
Ideal for general binding and electrical insulation work
Plasterboard Tapes
Made from strong waterproof mesh, plasterboard tape is specifically designed to join together plasterboard sections. Shop our range now to find the tape you need to strengthen and support your drywall joints.
Hazard Tapes
Hazard tapes and safety tapes are perfect for marking out potentially dangerous working areas when you’re on a job, such as stairwells, walkways, and ramps. Suitable for internal and external use, they are ideal for maintaining safety and helping to prevent accidents.