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FrogTape Multi-Surface Green Masking Tape - 36mm x
FrogTape is treated with exclusive paint block properties. Its super-absorbent polymer absorbs water in latex paints, expanding the tape's edge and creating a micro barrier: the result is very sharp lines.Read more
FrogTape Painter's Gloss & Satin Orange Masking Tape
FrogTape Painter’s Masking Tape gives the best finish possible, by keeping paint out and lines sharp. It is the only tape with PaintBlock Technology. The tape can be used when pointing skirting boards, architrave, frames and doors. Perfect on cured ...Read more
Tesa Masking Excellent Masking Tape - 50m x
Tesa Masking Tape Excellent is the optimal good quality solution for indoor painting tasks. Thanks to its flat paper backing material, you can effortlessly achieve sharp and tidy paint edges. It is tear-resistant, adherent to multiple surfaces, and easily removable ...Read more
Tesa Professional Indoor Masking Tape - 25mm x
Tesa Masking Tape Professional is our best masking tape that offers expert quality results. The original Washi paper provides amazing precision to achieve sharp and flat paint edges with every use. This reliable tape is tear-resistant and sticks to many ...Read more