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Gorilla All Weather Extreme Tape
Gorilla Tape All-Weather Extreme is the tough tape for extreme weather conditions. Extra-strong and extra-durable, it's perfect for permanent outdoor repairs. This tough tape is 100% waterproof and works in hot & cold temperatures, holding strong in rain, snow, sun, ...Read more
Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear - 48mm x 8.2m
Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear is incredibly strong and perfect for virtually invisible repairs. This tape forms a flexible, airtight seal, perfect for a wide range of applications both indoors and out. Hand tearable with an ultra-strong adhesive layer, Gorilla Tape ...Read more
T-Rex Cloth Tape - Grey 25mm x 9.14m
Strong cloth tape with thick, aggressive adhesive for rough and dirty surfaces. UV-resistant and works in all weather conditions with excellent staying power. Perfect for long term repairs.Read more
Tesa Masking Excellent Masking Tape - 50m x
Tesa Masking Tape Excellent is the optimal good quality solution for indoor painting tasks. Thanks to its flat paper backing material, you can effortlessly achieve sharp and tidy paint edges. It is tear-resistant, adherent to multiple surfaces, and easily removable ...Read more