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Prowarm 150W Electric Undertile Heating Mat - 6m2
ProWarm 150w/m2 underfloor heating mats are suitable as a primary heating source providing you have adequate insulation. These are our most commonly used heating mats for kitchens, dining rooms, large bathrooms, and most other areas with tiled floors.Read more
Prowarm 150W Underfloor Heating Cable - 92m
ProWarm™ Underfloor heating cable is a series type heating cable of with a twin conductor with cold lead of 3.0M on one side. The cable has resistance heating wire provided with a primary insulation of fluoropolymer then covered with metal ...Read more
Prowarm Heating Accessories Kit for Under Tile Heating
The ProWarm™ Heating Accessories Kit contains the following components designed for use with the ProWarm™ Undertile Heating Mats/Cables. 1 x 2m Length of conduit, 1 x Roller, 1 x Ultra Prime (12m2 coverage), Duct Tape (12m2 coverage).Read more
W by Woodpecker Dark Oak Solid Wood Flooring
By bringing the feel of the forest into your home, this 18mm solid wood floor not only offers strength and durability but also the tactile sensation of its natural wood texture. Once installed, it soon becomes a living, breathing part ...Read more