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Tiling Tools, Cutters & Trowels
We have cutters, spacers, smoothers, trowels and many more Tiling Tools to help you complete your tiling project with a professional finish.
Tile Trims
Our Tile Trims & Strips will give your tiled walls a neat and professional finish, and will also protect your tiles from day-to-day wear.
Tile Backing Boards
Tile backer boards are designed to improve the adhesion between two surfaces. They are used primarily when the extra grip is needed when tiling and flooring especially in areas which may be prone to moisture or provides an extra layer of insulation when laying flooring.
Tile Sealant
Complete your tiling task with our range of flexible and mould resistant Tile Sealant. Available in a variety of colours to match your grout.
Tile Cleaning & Maintenance
Cleaners, protectors, whiteners and seals are all part of our Tile Maintenance range, providing cleaning solutions for most types of tiling.
Floor Levelling Compound
Our Floor Levelling Compound is a self-levelling product designed for raising or smoothing out uneven concrete, cement screed or plywood internal floors.
Tile Adhesives
We stock a wide range of Tile Adhesives that can be used for a variety of tiling tasks & projects, including wall & floor application and exterior projects.
Tile Grout
Protect those tiling gaps from dirt and moisture with our Tile Grout, which is suitable for wall & floor application and comes ready-mixed or powdered.

Shop Wickes tile tools and accessories for easy installation and maintenance. From cutters and trowels to trims, find high-calibre equipment and accessories for your next project and achieve a perfectly tiled wall or floor.


Whether you want to refresh your tiles or embark on a new project, our grout, adhesives, sealants and cleaning products provide long-lasting results.

With floor levelling compound and tile backing boards in your kit, you’ll have everything you need to create the best wall or floor tile foundation.