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Vitrex Large Grout Squeegee
Vitrex Premium Grout Float
Vitrex Grout Finisher
Vitrex Tile Cutter 630mm
Vitrex Deep Frame Tile Saw
Vitrex Profile Gauge 200mm
Vitrex Handheld Tile Scribe

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Einhell Power X-Change TE -TC 18/115 Li-Solo Cordless
The Einhell TE-TC 18/115 Li Solo Tile Cutting Machine is lightweight among tile cutters and can be used with flexibility anywhere and everywhere. The cutting table can be tilted with an angle scale from 0° to 45°, plus the adjustable ...Read more
Vitrex 20mm Square Notch Professional Adhesive Trowel
The Vitrex 20mm Round Notch Professional Adhesive Trowel has a rust resistant stainless steel blade for longevity. Features a large contoured handle with a soft grip to ensure comfort during adhesive application. A solid aluminium shank with 9 rivets, this ...Read more
Vitrex Grout Clean-Up and Polishing Kit
The Vitrex 5 Piece Grout Clean-Up and Polishing Kit has been designed for fast and easy clean up after tiling jobs with four interchangeable pads for removal of excess grout and grout film, cleaning and polishing tiles.Read more
Vitrex Tile Spacers 2mm 3000 Pack
The Vitrex Tile Spacers are an easy way to achieve a more professional finish and allows for an even 2mm grout line throughout by spacing wall and floor tiles evenly.Read more