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Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar is more simple than you think.

There are many advantages to solar energy, from saving money on energy bills to increasing the value of a property. With over a million installations across the UK, solar energy continues to grow in popularity. Home and business owners are reducing their carbon footprint and you could be next.

At Wickes Solar powered by Solar Fast, we’re transparent in everything we do. Our partnership with this leading solar brand allows us to futureproof communities, steering more households towards renewable energy. To learn more about the benefits of solar panel installations, explore our site. Or call our team for more information.

Enquire today & allow our experts to answer any questions you have.

How does solar work?

Our solar panels, batteries and inverters work together to generate and store energy, allowing you to keep your home online, no matter the time of day.

Solar panels

The panels absorb the energy from the sun through PV cells before turning it into an electrical current that powers your home.

Solar Inverter

You can store this energy through your inverter which sends it to your solar battery.

Solar Battery

Once stored, you can choose when you’d like to use this energy, often during off-peak hours or darker days. You’ll also have the option to sell it back to the grid.

Solar energy facts & advice

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How are solar panels made?

Learn how solar panels are made and why they’ll transform the future of household electricity.

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How many panels do I need?

Find out how long solar panels last, and why they’re a worthwhile investment.

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How long do solar panels last?

From property size to budget, understand how many solar panels you’ll need to power your home.

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