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Eglo LED Dimmable Globe Filament G150 Amber Light
This LED filament light bulb produces a warm white light which glows beautifully through the swirled glass and creates stunning patterns of light and shadow, adding a touch of retro-style charm to any room in your home. The bulb has ...Read more
Eglo LED Dimmable Globe Twisted Filament E27 Chrome
This LED filament light bulb with its smoky black glass finish integrates perfectly into any interior style. The bulb produces a warm white light to create a beautiful ambient light in any room. The product has a dimming function which ...Read more
Eglo LED Twisted Filament E27 Clear Light Bulb
This LED filament light bulb features a pear-shaped design and a visible spiral filament that produces a warm white light when illuminated. The product combines retro elements with a beautiful iridescent glass finish to add drama to any lighting fixture. ...Read more
Sylvania LED Radiance Lampinaire 1000Lm Dimmable E27 Fitting
Sylvania redefines the way LED lamps look and function with the new and innovative ToLEDo™ Radiance range. ToLEDo™ Radiance is a bright new product merging the boundaries between lamp and luminaire. It offers an imaginative retrofit solution to change the ...Read more