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All Light Bulbs
We stock a huge range of light bulbs including the latest energy efficient LED and filament bulbs and many more types to suit any home improvement project.
E27 & E14 Edison Screw Light Bulbs
E27 and E14 or Edison and small Edison screw are the types of bulb fitting used. A variety of bulb shapes and wattages including LED and filament options are available.
B22 Bayonet Light Bulbs
B22 or Bayonet fitting has 2 small pins which poke out the side of the fitting. These then lock the bulb into place when located in the light fitting.
GU10 Spotlight Light Bulbs
Most commonly found in ceiling downlights, GU10 Light bulbs are available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions and a variety of wattages.
GU4 & GU5.3 Spotlight Light bulbs
GU4 and GU5.3 light bulbs are low voltage and designed to be LED replacements for older 20W halogen bulbs, and are perfect for display cabinets, kitchens and more.
Smart Lighting
Personalise your lighting system and turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience.
G4 & G9 Appliance, Capsule & Specialist Light Bulbs
G4 and G9 fitting are usually found in specialist light bulbs. Sometimes known as capsule bulbs they are smaller than a standard light bulb.
Appliance Bulbs
We have a great range of bulbs for specific appliances in your kitchen including cooker hood, oven and fridge bulbs.
R7 Linear bulbs
R7S linear light bulb are perfect for display lighting, uplighters and floor lights, as the warm white light is ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere.
Filament Light Bulbs
With an attractive old style look our energy efficient filament bulbs are available in a number of different bulb shapes.
LED Lighting
Our range of LED Tubes and Fittings come in a selection of different sizes and wattage. Styles also include Lynx bulbs.
Lighting Clearance
Last chance to buy - clearance Lighting products. Great products at even better prices, but hurry; when they're gone, they're gone! 

Our range of domestic and commercial light bulbs is ideal for when you need to replace bulbs in your light fixtures, appliances and lamps. Change the ambience of a room with soft lighting, add security with a motion sensor or upgrade your lighting with the latest smart lighting technology.

B22 bayonet light bulbs and E27 and E14 Edison screw light bulbs are the most common home fittings and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and wattage options with a wide choice of additional smart features.

GU10 light bulbs are commonly found in kitchen ceiling downlights with dimmable, colour and ambient options, while G4 and G9 light bulbs are those usually found in fridges and are sometimes called capsule bulbs.

For a full selection of appliance bulbs for your oven, cooker hood, refrigerator and microwave, choose from our selection of incandescent replacement bulbs, which are suitable for both domestic and specialist commercial use.

Fluorescent tube bulbs offer bright flicker-free illumination while our compact fluorescent bulbs are a great energy saving option for your home or office.

If it’s a halogen light bulb you’re looking for our variety of shapes, fittings and lengths are great for warm bright light with full and fast illumination.

For a striking look, our vintage filament light bulbs feature modern technology in a retro style. For low energy options, our smart lighting bulbs are packed with the latest smart features. Choose from a colour changing LED bulb with intelligent programmable settings, bulbs with voice activation and app connectivity and built-in stereo quality speakers, all at the touch of a button.