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Internal doors inspiration

Internal doors inspiration

Previously a very functional purchase, the internal doors that you decide on for your home can now make a real style statement. There are many different factors to consider: the type of door, the material it's made from, its colour and its style. Our guide will give you some inspiration so that you can make the right choice for your home. For more information about the technical aspects of our doors range, take a look at our Internal Doors Buying Guide.


White doors

Plain white doors are a timeless neutral. Our white doors can be purchased either pre-primed, so that you can paint them yourself, or fully finished, so that all you'll need to do is choose hinges and handles and hang them.

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Grey doors

Grey has become huge in interior design over the last few years, and doors are no exception. Our range has several different shades to choose from, including charcoal, chocolate, light grey and ash.

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Glazed doors

Glazed doors are perfect for the communal areas of a home, letting light flood through the house. All of our glazed doors are fitted with toughened safety glass.

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Bifold doors

If space is at a premium, bifold doors could be the answer, as you only need a few inches of space in front of the door in order to open it. Bifold doors are available in many different styles, so you're sure to find one to match your decor.

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Folding doors

Doors can also be used as a means to divide the space up in a larger area. A set of internal folding doors, or even French doors with or without side panels, is perfect for the job, giving you the flexibility of having two small rooms or one large one, depending on the occasion.

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Black doors

If you're thinking of adding a monochrome look to your home, you can make a strong statement by adding black doors, paired with matching skirting and architrave, and even handles. Fully finished black doors are now available so that you can just hang them straight away and not have to paint them yourself.

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Neutral doors

Check out our range of fully finished timber doors. Where timber doors have occasionally in the past been a little bit too orangey, they are now chic personified. Choose from a range of shades including light grey and deep ash.

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Oak veneer doors

Depending on the style you choose, oak veneer doors can give your home either a modern or a traditional look, so they are very versatile. They are supplied unfinished so that you can choose which stain or varnish works best with your interior.

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Pine doors

A more traditional choice is our range of solid pine doors, which are panelled and can be finished with any paint, stain or varnish so that they can complement your decorative scheme.

Pine doors

Sliding wardrobe doors

Check out the Spacepro range of sliding wardrobe doors. Choose a mirror finish to increase the spaciousness of a small room. The range also includes all the shelving and storage you'll need for your clothing, shoes and accessories.

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