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Euramax Bespoke uPVC A Rated STFS Casement Window
Customise the size of our made to measure windows to get the exact size you need. Select the width band the window falls into on the dropdown to the right. Height must be within the height banding listed below. Our supplier ...Read more
Eurocell 2 Bar Skypod - 1m x 2m
Transform a rooms ceiling space to flood the room with natural light. Simple, sleek and modern design to add a focal point to the room. Thermally efficiant self cleaning double glazed glass units providing a 1.2u value. DIY'er friendly and ...Read more
Wickes PVCu Window Restrainer - Zinc
The window restrainer is designed specifically with child safety in mind. Restricts window opening to 75mm (3Ó).Read more
Wickes Top Hung Window Friction Hinge - 262
Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, the hinge is designed for high performance on all window types. The pointed sash arm and nylon end cap together provide an excellent gasket compression and smooth engagement.Read more