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Charles Bentley 1200W Electric Outdoor Tower Patio Heater
This amazing Charles Bentley Outdoor Heater is great for keeping you warm while you enjoy your outdoor space all year round. Perfect for patio spaces it is IP55 Rated and only for outdoor use. With a 1200W single carbon tube, ...Read more
Charles Bentley 2000W Electric Table Top Outdoor Patio
This handy table top electric infra-red halogen patio heater is ideal for evenings in the garden and keeping you warm on chilly nights. This electric heater disperses heat over a 9 square metre area. It has 2 heating lamps which ...Read more
Charles Bentley 2000W Parasol Mounted Electric Outdoor Patio
This Charles Bentley Parasol Mounted Electric Patio Heater is a perfect choice for those winter days and cool summer evenings. Mounted on your existing umbrella parasol, it makes use of your outdoor furniture throughout the year. Using Infrared technology, you ...Read more
Charles Bentley 2500W Hanging Electric Outdoor Patio Heater
This Charles Bentley 2500W Hanging Electric Patio Heater is a perfect solution to add some warmth. This can be placed permanently or as a temporary measure, to heat the space around you. It is great when it gets cooler in ...Read more