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Sylvania 5ft T8 Cool White LED Universal Tube
A high performance, top quality and easy to install LED tube for professional and DIY applications. Designed to work with both magnetic and electronic HF ballast, making it a quick, easy and safe replacement for fluorescent tubes without any rewiring ...Read more
Sylvania LED L300 High Output T5 Replacement Batten
The new LED Pipe High Output range is a LED T5 replacement batten. Highly efficient, it's ideal for direct lighting in kitchens, on the wall or ceiling, creating direct or indirect illumination within a room. This light features a 120 ...Read more
Sylvania LED Pipe G3 Connecting Power Cable
This power cable connects to all Sylvania G3 LED Pipes, enabling lighting flexibility with a seamless connection.Read more
Sylvania LED Pipe L900 High Output Nw T5
The new Sylvania LED Pipe L900 High Output Nw T5 Replacement Batten Light is a LED T5 replacement batten. It is highly efficient and delivers up to 125lm/w, seamless linking (up to 10M). Designed for simple linear light applications, it ...Read more