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Abracs GP ABDI115M Diamond Continuous Rim Blade -
The Abracs GP ABDI115M Diamond Continuous Rim Blades are suitable for cutting virtually all construction materials including steel and reinforced concrete. The 10mm continuous segment eliminates the chance of segment loss and cooling hole technology reduces cutting temperature and increases ...Read more
Norton Clipper Metal Inox Cutting Disc - 115mm
The Norton Clipper Metal Inox disc is a straight cutting disc providing long life, durability and high material removal for metal and metal-inox applications .Free from iron, sulphur and chloride, the disc eliminates contamination when cutting its ideal for cutting ...Read more
Norton Clipper Metal Inox Cutting Disc - 230mm
The Norton Clipper 230mm metal inox cutting disc offers a clean and precise cut with high material removal for metal, metal-stainless steel applications. Free of iron, sulfur and chloride, eliminating contamination at the time of cutting. Ideal for cutting steel ...Read more
SMART H8MAK 8 Piece Multi Tool Blade Set
The Smart H8MAK has the ultimate selection of the most popular types of multi tool blades. Set includes 1x32mm Bi-Metal Blade, 1x44mm Bi-Metal Blade, 1x32mm Fine Tooth Blade, 1x63mm Fine Tooth Blade, 2x32mm Japanese Tooth Blade and 2x63mm Japanese Tooth ...Read more