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EVO-STIK GRIPFILL™ Gap-Filling Adhesive - 350ml - Buff
EVO-STIK GRIPFILL™ grab adhesive is a multipurpose, high strength, solvent-based gap-filling adhesive, suitable for interior and exterior use (provided the bond is covered). GRIPFILL™ sticks to almost any building material with an unbeatable final bond strength, and is ideal for ...Read more
EVO-STIK Seriously Strong Stuff Fast Setting Adhesive -
EVO-STIK Seriously Strong Stuff Fast Setting Adhesive sets in just 15 minutes. This superior strength, solvent free adhesive can be used in all weather conditions, is resistant to extreme temperatures and will even stick to wet surfaces. It will bond ...Read more
EVO-STIK Sticks Like All Weather Adhesive - 290ml
EVO-STIK Sticks Like adhesive in white is a high performance, all weather, instant grab adhesive that can be used on almost all building materials, even in the wet. The single component, SM Polymer formulation, has a superior bond strength, sticking ...Read more
Soudabond Easy Gun Grade - 750ml
Professional quality adhesive foam, for quick and easy bonding of many building materials, such as insulation board and plasterboard panels, lightweight (non-load bearing) blockwork, ceramics, mdf, chipboard and many other materials. Effectively bonds and fills, with good gap filling capabilities. ...Read more