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Welcome to our thriving garden. We believe that healthy green spaces lead to happier people. To give your garden the best and happiest start, choose the key garden essentials with our range of peat-free compost and bark. Explore our range of garden essentials, such as compost and bark, to give your garden the best start and enjoy a personal, beautiful, bountiful oasis all year round. Keep thriving, keep growing.

Peat-free compost


Why good compost matters

Multi-purpose compost is suitable for almost all jobs in the garden. It is nutrient-rich and helps to promote superior root growth while improving moisture retention. Stock up on one of the key garden essentials with our range of multi-purpose compost.

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Wickes Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost

Wickes Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost is an ideal medium for potting, cuttings and hanging baskets. The high-performance peat-free blend improves air and nutrient supply for healthier, stronger roots while being free from green waste. Wickes Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost has improved moisture retention and is perfect for use all around the garden.

  • Peat-free
  • High performance peat-free blend
  • Promotes strong, healthy growth
  • Improved moisture retention and root growth
  • Free from green waste
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Miracle-Gro Peat-Free Premium All Purpose Compost

Part of the high performing Miracle-Gro peat-free range. Containing a unique formulation that will ensure your plants are fed for three months, this peat-free compost provides the optimum structure for roots to grow strong and prevents them from drying out.

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Why use bark in your garden?

Bark is used to give a smart finish to beds and borders, pots and containers, as well as the material for creating natural paths around your garden. Apart from being a nice decorative finish, bark also reduces the need to water and weed throughout the year.

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Popular products


Wickes Landscaping Bark Chippings

Wickes Bark Chippings provide a decorative, attractive finish for beds and borders. These brown chips of bark, approximately 8mm to 40mm (size can vary), provide a clean background for displaying your plants against.

  • Offers excellent weed suppression
  • Moisture retention and thermal protection for plant roots
  • Helps reduce the spread of fungal diseases on leaves that arise from rain splash
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Levington Decorative Chipped Bark

Add Levington Decorative Chipped Bark to your pots and containers for a smart finish. Reduces the need to water and weed throughout the year.

  • Reduces the need to weed
  • Reduces the need to water
  • Adds a smart finish to the garden
  • Made from renewable resources, FSC certified
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Soil improvers


What is a soil improver?

Soil improver is a highly fertile compost produced from organic matter. It enhances the structure of your soil, improves drainage, and assists with healthy root growth. It is also ideal for creating new beds and borders, replacing old soil, levelling lawns and making compost.

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Popular products


Wickes Top Soil

Wickes Multi-Purpose Top Soil is perfect for creating new beds and borders or for improving existing soil in your garden. It can also be used for general lawn preparation and repairs such as levelling lawns.

  • Perfect for creating beds and borders
  • Ideal for general garden use
  • Can also be used for lawn preparation
  • Sterilised, lime- and chalk-free
  • Specially selected and graded soil
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Levington Farmyard Manure

A rich blend of concentrated manures with composted matter that improves poor soil, made with sustainably sourced green compost. Also contains humus, which increases the yield of your crops.

  • Special blend with naturally occurring organic nutrients
  • Contains humus, which is naturally occurring and rich in nutrients that help increase plant yield
  • Adds organic matter to the soil, which improves the vitality of roses, fruit and vegetables
  • Helps retain moisture
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