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Patterned floor tiles add visual interest and personality to any space. Versatile and stylish, these tiles can be used on their own to create a striking feature floor or mixed with our boutique tiles to elevate your space. Explore our exquisite selection and make a bold statement.

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Wickes Carnaby Patterned Porcelain Wall & Floor Tile - 300 x 300mm
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Wickes Hoxton Patterned Porcelain Wall & Floor Tile - 300 x 300mm
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Wickes Canterbury Patterned Porcelain Wall & Floor Tile - 300 x 300mm

With patterned floor tiles, you can effortlessly create a statement floor that adds a touch of elegance and personality to your home. Our patterned floor tile features a range of captivating designs inspired by traditional and contemporary motifs. Each tile boasts vibrant colours and intricate patterns that blend seamlessly, resulting in a visually stunning and harmonious flooring solution. Pattern floor tiles are made from quality materials, including porcelain and ceramic. Make a statement in any room, from your kitchen to your hallway and more. Enhance your space with our patterned floor tiles and elevate your interior design game to the next level. Browse our stunning collection today and discover the endless possibilities of a patterned tile floor.


Do patterned floor tiles make a room look smaller?

Patterned floor tiles can make a room appear smaller if the wrong pattern or size is chosen. It’s important to consider the scale and size of the room when selecting patterned tiles. Opting for smaller patterns or utilising them in smaller areas like an accent or border can help prevent the room from appearing cramped.

How do you lay patterned floor tiles?

Start by preparing the surface, cleaning it and ensuring it’s level. Begin at the centre of the room and work your way towards the edges, keeping the pattern aligned as you go. Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for adhesive and grout application. It’s a good idea to dry-fit the tiles beforehand to ensure the pattern fits and aligns properly.

Will patterned floor tiles date?

While some patterns may go out of style over time, many classic patterns look stylish for many years to come. Choose patterns that are versatile and adaptable to different design styles to ensure its longevity. Regular maintenance of your tiled floor and updating the room’s décor can also help prevent patterned tiles from appearing dated.