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You don’t have to call in a locksmith to repair a faulty or broken door handle in your home, in fact it’s a simple task that anyone can do with the correct tools and know-how. All you’ll need is either a flathead screwdriver or a Philips, depending on the screws on your doorhandle.

Planning and preparation

  • If you’re worried about the drill or screwdriver slipping while removing the screws from your door handle, we recommend placing masking tape over your door handle panels and handle to prevent scratches.


First, check the exterior of the handles and latch mechanisms are moving without anything impeding it from outside of the door.


If you cannot see any issues with the exterior of the mechanism start off by removing the screws from both door handles with either a power drill or screwdriver, then slide the spindle out from the locking mechanism.

Top tip: Use a doorstop to brace the open door to make it easier to unscrew the door handle.


Once the spindle has been removed, check the locking mechanism for any lodges or obstructions. If needed, you can clear them with your screwdriver.


Now unscrew the latch mechanism and remove this from the door.


Spray WD-40 or another lubricant on the latch mechanism and interior of the handles to help them move freely. This can help clean away any rust, and debris as well as lubricate the mechanism.


Once you’ve done that, re-insert, and screw in the latch mechanism. Then slide in the spindle and fix the door handles back onto the door and secure them with the screws.


Your door handle should now move smoothly and work better than ever.

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