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Installing a doorstop can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your walls behind it in tip-top condition. All you need to get the job done is either a power drill or a Philips screwdriver and a pencil.


First, establish where you need to install your doorstop. If you are installing a new door stop, start by marking the skirting board with a pencil, so you know where to put the screw.

Use a power drill to make a screw-fitting hole where you would like the doorstop to sit.

If you’re replacing a doorstop, you can use the existing hole to install your new doorstop.


If your doorstop is a spring doorstop rotate the spring anti-clockwise to release it from the mounting plate.


Remove the existing mounting plate by removing the screw with a screwdriver or a power drill.


Now, insert the new screw into the new mounting plate and install them with either a power drill or screwdriver.


Finally, rotate the spring clockwise into the mounting plate and the new doorstop should be good to go. You can now test it by opening your door.


Your new door stopper will keep your door from scratching or denting the wall behind.

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