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Is organisation key to a stress free kitchen?

Is organisation key to a stress free kitchen?

From food decanted into jars to toasters stored in the cupboards, we all want to find the most innovative tips to keep our kitchen spaces neat and tidy. Partnering with organisation professionals and clutter clearers to the stars, the Style Sisters, we’re helping streamline our customers' kitchens with design tricks to keep kitchens clutter free.

We are as particular about your kitchen as you are, so Wickes Bespoke kitchens and Wickes Lifestyle kitchens are available in a wide variety of designs to fit your personal style, individual budget and specific requests. Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, we have a kitchen that’s sure to suit your style and budget.

Drawers vs cupboards


Snack time

One of our new favourite items in our kitchens is the snack drawer - a drawer designated for all the yummy goodies. Use boxes or dividers to keep the categories contained so it stays organised. Think about where this is best placed – accessible but not too accessible.


Cut-lery to the chase

Having your cutlery in a drawer isn’t new, but making sure you have a tray to store it and keep organised is so important. We have a range of extendable options to maximise drawer space. Another thing to think about is to consider going horizontal with your drawer dividers. This will allow you to store longer items and larger utensils.


Appliance garage

Air fryers are now really popular, but they aren’t the most aesthetic appliances. Think about how often you’re using the appliance. Is it every day? If so, keep it somewhere easy to reach. If you’re using it once a month, don’t take up precious space. Hide large kitchen appliances in large baskets in your kitchen space to keep them organised and tidy. If you can add a large deep cupboard to your kitchen, it’s a great option to store them, but make sure it’s not too high and you can reach the appliances you need.


Spice it up

Drawers are often a more accessible alternative to cupboards. Foods can often get lost in the back of cupboards, whereas drawers make it possible to see everything, especially things like herbs and spices. Being able to clearly see what you’ve got and read the labels is really important. Make sure you put the spice drawer next to the hob or oven, where you’ll reach for it most.

Pop it up

It can be hard to know where to place your sockets in the kitchen, we recommend a pop-up socket, if possible. This means you can easily use your appliances on flat dry work surfaces, and you have enough plugs for your baking and cooking.



Shelf-proclaimed organisation

Shelves are a perfect place to get creative in your kitchen and add colour through styling. Add plants, fresh herbs, jars and chopping boards to make the space look interesting, but also a practical space for storage. Not every kitchen can have a pantry, but you can create a pantry-style look on shelving using jars and containers.

Glass act

Utilise shelves as storage space or to display bowls, plates and glassware. Make sure your shelf is at a height that is easy to reach. Shelves are also a great option if you’re short on cupboard space.

Tea & coffee stations


Fancy a cuppa?

A tea and coffee station can easily be created to give a luxe feel, but don’t forget to think about its positioning. Ensure sockets are fitted inside the cupboard. Keep mugs nearby and place them near your kettle or hot water tap for convenience. One option is to place the tea and coffee station in a cupboard rather than on the worktop. It means you can close the door and keep the work surfaces clear and any potential mess is hidden.

It's sizzling

This might be seen as a luxury to some, but we use our instant boiling tap daily. It means you can wave goodbye to your kettle and it provides instant boiling water. What’s not to love?

Storing food


You say tomato

Fresh produce such as root vegetables, onions, potatoes and garlic can be stored in a drawer or cupboard. When you do this, place them in small bins in a pull-out unit. This keeps them organised and fresh. Think strategically about where you place this storage - ideally near your chopping boards and knives.