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As the Winter sets in, this can raise a new issue: many of these work rooms are simply unable to cope with the cold temperatures because they have been insufficiently insulated. A quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated building, and up to 35% through the walls, so this can quickly become an expensive problem, particularly with the cost of energy as high as it currently is.


One thing to take into consideration is that insulation can also be used to keep sound out, which is important if the home office is being used to dial into meetings remotely. Therefore, it’s worth recommending Rockwool Sound Insulation Slabs for use on the walls of the building. The non-directional fibre orientation and density means that sound waves are trapped, and vibrations dampened. Then you can use standard 200mm insulation on the roof. Both products are fireproof.


The other issue with outbuildings at this time of year is that they don’t tend to have central heating. As it’s usually only necessary to heat one small room, we would recommend the Princess Smart Glass Panel Heater - it’s currently all over Instagram and it’s smart so can be operated using a phone, meaning it can be switched on remotely so that the room is warm before it’s used. It also looks super stylish and can be used freestanding or mounted on a wall.