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Multi Truss Hanger 50 x 97mm
Multi Truss Hanger 50 x 145mm
Heavy Duty Flat Strap 1000mm
Herringbone Joist Strut 400

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Housing Type 4 Wall Tie 250mm - Pack
Masonry to masonry wall tie from BPC Fixings, used secure two leaves of a cavity wall to each other, allowing them to act as one structurally. 250mm long to suit 101-125mm cavity.Read more
Safe Edge Frame Cramp 38 x 100mm
Provide secure installation and support for window and timber framing on masonry wall also helps to resist wind and incidental loadings.Read more
Stainless Steel Housing Type 4 Cavity Wall Tie
These Wickes light duty wall ties that can be used in domestic dwellings. Suitable for buildings with a maximum height of 10m and for cavity widths between 76 - 100mm.Read more
Stainless Steel Screw-In Wallstarter Tie 130mm
Stainless steel wall starter tie from BPC Fixings, supplied complete with nylon plug. Used where new walls are being built directly from existing brickwork. Alternatively can be used without plug and screwed directly into timber door or window frames. Not ...Read more