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Paslode IM65 16G x 50mm Straight 2000 Galvanised
The Paslode Impulse 16G Brad Fuel Pack intended for use with the Paslode IM65 Straight Brad Nailer. This pack contains 2000 x 50mm straight brad nails and two fuel cells. It is one of the largest ranges in Europe and ...Read more
Senco AX10EAAP 18-Gauge 15mm Brad Nail - Pack
The Senco AX10EAAP 18-gauge 15mm Brad Nails are ideal for intricate and precise interior work. Use these nails for crafts, panel installation, hanging picture frames, decorative trim, ornaments, and cabinets. The nails are 18 gauge, so with their small heads ...Read more
Senco DA19EAB 15-Gauge 44mm Smooth Galvanised Nails -
The Senco DA19EAB 15-gauge 44mm Smooth Galvanised Nails feature 34° angled collated brad nails with a sharp chisel point, smooth shank, D-head and galvanised finish. Size: 15G x 44mm. For use with SKU 292718 or 292721.Read more
Senco RX13EAA 16-Gauge 25mm Galvanised Straight Brad Nails
The Senco RX13EAA 16-Gauge 25mm Galvanised Straight Brad Nails feature a sharp chisel point, smooth shank and galvanised finish. Applications include: furniture and cabinets, molding and trim, baseboard, chair rail, window casings and upholstery trim panels. Size: 16G x 25mm. ...Read more